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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  March 22, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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geraldo is next. see you tomorrow night. >> we have an agreement. >> with the help of the pres we have an agreement and able to protect the sanctity of reform there will be no public funding for apportion in this legislation. >> this healthcare bill will ruin our country. it's time to stop it. >> house republicans remain committed to do everything we possibly can to defeat this healthcare bill. >> the healthcare bill we move forward today is about a bill about life. life of america's families. >> live and at large the voting soon to begin the cause will
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consume the vast majority of time and energy of president obama's first year in office his historic proposal for health insurance coverage to virtually every american. i am geraldo riverivera. it reflects exactly what the senate has previously passed. if it does severe the required 216 votes it needs for passage in the house, right now that that still appears likely, it could be sent to the desk of the president of the united states for his signature. this monumental legislation technically could become the law of the land before the s sunris on the white house on monday morning. but while the president is expected to address the nation sometime late tonight what will probably happen is that the second bill to be voted on tonight the so-called
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reconciliation bill which fixes or deletes the best aspects of the original senate bill like nelson of nebraska and landrieu of louisiana essentially to buy their votes. if that reconciliation bill passes that b bill will be sento the senate for it's approval. once they passed the same amended bill then the president will sign it into law later this week. et insurance reform will take it's place along with social soe security and medicare as defining the social contract that binds the fabric. to democrats that's a giant step forward for republicans tae the beginning of a trillion dollar government takeover.
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it's being paid for by a government already broke. whenever you stand on this issue it is one of the most stunning political come backs in american history. it's the resurrection of the massive legislation from the graveyard of frustration and futility at languish the last year and a half. fox news senior congressional correspondent karl cameron joins us. no it is major garrett. major, how are you doing? oo i am good geraldo. >> is the president going to stick around to sign the senate bill? will he wait for the reconciliation bill later in the week. will he address the nation in either case? >> let me take those questions in order, geraldo. the president is getting updated on the action of the house. he will wait until all three votes are taken in the house.
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>> sorry to interrupt you a second time. house minority leader i don't know ba john bane another is speaking. >> i rise tonight with a sad and heavy heart. today we should be standing together reflecting on a year of bipartisanship and working to answer our country's call and their challenge to the rising healthcare costs in the country. tooted this body this institution in -- today this body this institution as a sign of the importance founding fathers placed on this house should can looking with pride with this legislation and our work. it is not so.
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we are looking at a healthcare bill no one in this body believes is satisfactory. we stand amidst the wreckage which was once the respect and honor this house was held in by our fellow citizens. we all know why it is so. we have failed to listen to america. we have fail to do reflect the will of our constituents. when we fail to reflect that will we fail ourselves and we sta fail our country. look at this bill. ask yourselves do you really blooe if you like the hea -- be like the health plan you have that you can keep it? no, you can't.
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>> order. >> you can't say that. in this economy with this unemployment with desperate need for jobs and economic growth, is this really the time to raise taxes and to create bureaucracies and burden eerie job creator in our land? the answer is no. can you go home and tell your senior citizens these cuts in medicare will not limit their access to doctors and further weaken the program instead of strengthening it? no you cannot. can you tell them the bill represents sanctity of all human life and won't allow for tax fay payer funding for abortions for
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the first time in 40 years. no you cannot. look at how that bill was written? can you say it was done openly? with transparency and accountability? without back rool deals struck behind closed doors? hidden from the people. hell no you can't. have you read the bill? have you read the reconciliation bill? have you read the manager's amendment. hell no you haven't. >> order mr. speaker. >> both sides would do well to remember the dignity of the house. >> mr. speaker, in a few minutes
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we will cast some of the most consequential votes any of us will ever cast in this chamber. the decision we make will effect every man, woman and child in this nation for generations to come. if we are going to vote to defy the will of the american people we ought to have the courage to stand before them and announce our vote one at a time. (applause) >> i sent a letter to the speaker this week asking that the call of the role be ordered for this vote. madam speaker, i ask you, will you in the interest of this
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institution grant my request? will you, mr. speaker, grant my request when we have a call of the role? will speaker -- >> rhetorical question? >> will you grant my request when we have a call of the roll? >> under close 2 a a record vote is conducted by electronic device unless the speaker directs otherwise. >> you, mr. speaker, will you grant that request? >> the chair will decide at the time the request is made. this is not it. (laughter) >> my colleague, my colleagues
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this is the people's house. when we came here we each swore an oath to uphold and abide by the constitutions as representatives of the people. the process here is broken. the institution is broken. as a result, this bill is not what the american people need more what our constituents want. americans are out there making sacrifices and struggling to build a better future for their kids. over the last year as they dam the torpedos outline and it became more clear millions of americans looked at their voices and many for the first time asking us to slow down not to try to cram through more than this system could handle not to spend money we didn't have. they want us to focus on jobs
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not more spending not more government and certainly not more taxes. what they see today frightens them. they don't know what comes next. they see one political party closing out another for what should be a national solution. this body moves forward against their will. shame on you bes. shame on this body. shame on each and every one of you who substitutes your will and desires above those fellow country man. (applause)
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>> around this chamber looking upon us are the law givers. for moses to black stone to thomas jefferson by our actions today we december grace their values. we break the ties of history in this chamber. we break our trust in america. when i handed the speaker the gavel i said this, this is the people's house. in a moment the majority forgets it and starts writing itself a ticket to minority status. if we pass this bill there will be no turning back. it will be the last straw for the american people.
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in a democracy you can only ignore the will of the people for so long and get away with it. if we defy the will of our fellow citizens and pass this bill we will be held to account by those who placed us in their trust. we will have shattered those bonds of trust. i beg you, i beg each and every one of you on both sides of the i'll do not further strength enthe this institution you will not strike with impunity. i ask each of you to vow to never let this happen again. this defiance of our citizens it's not too late to begin to restore the bonds of trust with our nation and return common to this institution.
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join me in voting against this bill so we can come together, together agnew addressing the challenge of healthcare in a manner that brings credit to this body and brings credit to the ideals of this nation. most importa importantly reflec will of the american people. i yield that. >> house minority leader john bane another br banor emotional address to the house. do you believe this will pass the shouts of the -- it was an ama amazing town hall like address. hell no you can't say you read it. call it the institution broken. he says to the democrats shame on you. listen to the applause he's getting from the republican side of the i'll right now. i beg you board members do not
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strike at the heart of this institution. we have reporters to analyze the extraordinary address you just heard. they are major garrett white house correspondent. majors of the white house karl is on capitol hill. that surpasses patrick kennedy's de nuns yags of the press for not covering the war in iraq and afghanistan. >> it is unusual to hear that kind of a response in the u.s. house of representatives particularly one as both parties say how historic this vote will be for varying different reasons. never mind it's in preem time. you can see the whole thing unfold. part of the faith that was there the house minority leader would say no you can't you would hear the democrats with the famed obama slogan yes we can.
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>> here's the flip side speaker of the house nancy pelosi. >> thank you speaker. i thank you for yielding. i thank you all for bringing us to this moment. it is with great humility and great pride that we tonight will make history for our country and progress for the american people. just think, we will be joining those who established social securi security, medicare and now tonight healthcare for all americans. in doing so we will honor the vows of our founders who in the declaration of independence said we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights among these are life, liberty and pursuant of h pursuit of
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happiness. this legislation will lead to healthier lives more liberty to pursue hopes and dreams and happiness for the american people. this is an american proposal that honors the traditions of our country. >> we would not be here tonight for sure without the extraordinary leadership and vision of president barack obama. with you thank him for his unwavering commitment to healthcare for all americans. this began over a year ago in
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the american recovery and reinvestment act where we had significant investments in science, technology and innovati innovation for healthcare reform. it continued and the president's budget a few months later. a budget which was a statement of our national values. allocated resources which were part of our value system and in a way stabilized our economy, created jobs, lowered taxes for the middle class and did so and reduced the deficit and did so in a way that had pillars of investment including education an healthcare reform. healthcare reform and education equal opportunity for the
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american people. this legislation tonight if i had one word to describe it would be opportunity with it's investment in education and healthcare as a continuation of the president's budget. we all know and it has been said over and over again that our economy needs something new, a volt. i believe this legislation will unleash tremendous entrepreneurial power in our economy. image a society and an economy where a person could change jobs without losing health insurance. where they could be self-employed or start as self-employed or tart a small business. image an economy where people could follow their passions and their talent without having to worry that their children would not have health insurance. if they had a child with
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diabetes who was bipolar a precondition preexisting medical condition in their family that they would be job locked under this bill, their entrepreneurial spirit would be unleashed. (applause) >> we all know that the present healthcare system and health insurance system in our country is unsustainable. we simply cannot afford it. it doesn't work for enough people in terms of delivery of service and it is bankrupting the country with the upward spiral of increasing medical costs. the best action we can take on behalf of america's family budget and behalf of the federal budget is to pass healthcare reform. the best action we can take to strength enmedicare and improve care and benefits for seniors is
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to pass this legislation tonight. the betts ashgs to creakre -- b we can take to bring jobs and strengthen ocean security is pass this. to keep america competitive ignite entrepreneurial spirit is to pass healthcare reform. with this action tonight with the healthcare reform 32 million more americans will have healthcare insurance. those who have insurance now will be spa spared with their obscene increases in premiums theory sending of policies at the time of illness their cutting off of policies even if you have been fully paying but become sick.
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the list goes on and on about the healthcare reforms that are in this legislation. it makes it more affordable for the middle class. insurance company discrimination on preexisting conditio conditi extends sol ren see for almost a decade. it is through wellness and innovation create 4 million jobs in the life of the bill doing all of that by saving the tax payer $1.2 trillion. another speaker tip o'neil once
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said, all politics is local. i say to you don tonight when i healthcare for all americans, all politics is personal. it's personal for the family that wrote to me who had to choose between buying groceries and seeing a doctor. it's personal to the family who refused coverage was the child had a preexisting condition. no coverage the child got worse, sicker. it's personal for women after we pass this bill being a woman will no longer be a preexisting medical condition. >> it's personal for a senior gentlemen who i met in michigan
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who told me about his wife who had been bedridden for 16 years. he didn't know how he was going to pay his medical bills. i saw a grown man cry as i said before. he was worried he might lose his home. that they might lose their home. he didn't know how he was going to pay them. most of all he was too embarrassed to ask his children for help. how many times have you heard a story like that. >> many man n many a high perce of the country are caused by medical bills that people cannot pay. families lost a loved one each year because they didn't and
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couldn't get health insurance. >> that is why we are proud and also humbled today to act with the support of millions of millions who recognize the urgency of healthcare reform. it is every age every background and every part of the country who have endorsed this legislation. it is from aarp who said our legislation quote improves efforts to crack down on fraud and waste in medicare today even joers and future generations i repeat improves efforts to crack down on fraud and waste and medicare strengthening the program for today and future generations of seniors. to the american medical association the catholic health association united methodist church and voices of america's
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children. from a to z they are send ago clear message to members of congress say yes to healthcare reform. we have also reached this historic moment because of the extraordinary leadership and hard work and dedication of all of the members of congress but i want to especially recognize our same chairs mr. wax on, mr. wrangle, mr. levon, mr. miller, mr. spratt, ms. slaughter or bringing this bill to the floor today. i want to acknowledge the staff of the committee and leadership they have done a remarkable dazzling us with their knowledge and know how. i would like to thank of my own staff annie rosenbaum wendell prime miss and arshi sediki.
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it wouldn't be possible to talk about healthcare without acknowledging the great leadership of senator edward kennedy who made healthcare his life's work. a oo in a letter to president obama senator kennedy wrote that access to healthcare was the great unfinished business of our society. that is until today. after more of a year of debate and by the way the legislation
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that will go forth from here has amendments while if may not get republican votes in that respect it is by partisan in having over 200 republican amendments. after a year of debate and hearing the calls of millions of americans we have come to this historic moment. today we have the opportunity to complete the great unfinished business of our socie society as health insurance reform that for all americans that is a right and not a privilege. in the same letter senator kennedy wrote what is at stake is not just the details of policy but the character of our country. american also look back on thi
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day as ones in which we honored the character of our country and honored the commitment to nation's founders for a commitment to life liberty and pursuit of happiness. as john lewis said we may not have chosen the time but the time has chosen us. we have been given this opportunity. an opportunity to stay right up there with again social security, medicare, healthcare for all americans. i urge my colleagues to join together in passing health insurance reform making history, making progress and restoring the american dream. i urge and i vote. >> speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi the speech missing the high voltage
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rhetoric as john bs banor, compd the passage of this healthcare reform bill to social security and medicare a seminole moment in domestic policy of our country. it is very -- >> approval or disapproval of proceedings or other audible kfsh sayings is in violation of the rules of the house. >> karl, in that regard when they mentioned barack obama's name i heard booing from the republicans, have you ever experienced that phenomenon. >> we have heard it in the past year that's more from the gallery of republican members of the house. we have had caustic remarks this from nance pelosi was a fairly
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typical speech. she doesn't pride herself in being a oratorator. she dues know how to count votes and get votes particularly in a crunch. for a tally that's just about to begin a few days ago looked like democrats were short the votes and in a terrible scramble she managed tremendous reversal om minds came when preliminary score came out for the week. that was the first time you saw blue dog democrats begin to say they were going to flip their votes from no last year on the house bill to the senate bill. the democrat from michigan and pro-life democrat had been trying to negotiate a
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compromised language for federal funding for abortion services continued to negotiate for the white house even as democrats are saying they couldn't support the senate bill. it is beginning to talk and find the compromise is the second component for nancy bellsy. under a trillion dollars then the stupak who said he couldn't vote for the senate bill continued to negotiate was the sign pelosi had put together. >> california insurance company that jacked premiums up by 30 percent an then the stupak amendment they are beginning the historic vote they go to colleague bret baier the anchor of special report will give us the count down to 216 it appears they do. >> geraldo, it is amazing. this is a consequential vote as
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you heard the house minority leader john boehner talk about. it is hard not to see the importance of this vote. you heard house speaker nancy pelosi ted kennedy and his life's work trying to get healthcare reform pass bringing up senator kennedy two months and two-days after the seat was handed over to republicans by a candidate who campaigned on being the vote on the senate against healthcare reform. soon after that it was believed healthcare reform was dead democrats turned to jobses. now you are looking at a vote on the highways floor that has started the magic number was 216. that is what we are looking at tonight. it a apoors the democrats will have it. steve hayes from the weekly standard and weekend columnist
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charles crowd out. you can't over state the importance of tonight. >> there is something remarkable about the story how the dem cra kratz are the speaker of the house tied after the brown victory and how they decided to go ahead nonetheless. that is an amazing political story using these -- obscure rules reconciliation of the senate. there were all kinds of dodges and attempts of going around the rules and the house nonetheless she said if the gate is closed we will do anything we have to she managed to put together what i think will be a majority soon. that is an amazing political story. they may suffer the political consequences simply because it
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is so unpopular to do it in the face of the popularity makes it even more remarkable. >> the vote being tallied it's believed after this development with part stupak from michigan him signing on to this legislation they have the 216. it will be interesting to see as we look at this vote whether that was the group that is going to get them over the top or whether it wasn't. >> that is interesting. i think they needed some of the members of that coalition to get the 216. they didn't need more than 216 but they are happy to have the cushion. by getting up around 220 as several members of your team said tonight it gives vulnerable democrats some cover so they are not the one democrat who tipped the scale on healthcare reform. i would like to concur with charles. i think president obama and house speaker nance pelosi and democrats are staring disaster
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in the face after scott brown's victory over massachusetts. t it is incredible they pulled this off. they will pay a political price or this in the election. i think in the next couple of years, i think the failure to do this after the clinton administration failed as well would have been disastrous for the party. for president obama the entire transformation agenda wouldn't wash out had this gone down. >> steve we will point out now this is the senate healthcare the house is voting on the senate house care bill if they reach the 216 this bill goes to the white house. we are just getting a tweet by robert gibbs that 40 staff members in the white house are watching the vice president just walked in to sustain the applause. they think the this. how important is this for this
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white house? >> i think it is huge particularly for the president as we talked about before barack obama thinks himself as a transform tive president. this is why he ran for president when people were counseling him not to run for president. hillary clinton said no this is my time. i need to do this so another democratic nominee can't. he said this back on the campaign trail as swing districts as a senator in 2006 winning over republicans and independents in other ways other candidates couldn't. he believes he can be a kind of democratic president that can make liberalism safe for mainstream america the same way ronald reagan makes conservatism safe. it is a center right country and he will have a tough time making that transition. that's what he wants to do it's the reason that on january 20th
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the day after scott brown's election he gave an interview to george stephanopolous and said are you going to move forward with healthcare? we are going to go for the core element suggesting he was going to scale it back. two-days later he was in ohio saying they were going to go forward. >> the vote 186 to 163 with little more than nine minutes remaining in this vote. let's go to major garrett. after this bill as we assume will be passed heads to the white house the president we are being told now won't sign it until oot least tuesday? >> robert gibbs told me the president will not sign it tonight. he will not sign it monday. some time later this week. because they begin the
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reconciliation process we know for a fact it won't happen tonight and will not happen monday. robert gibbs said he walked into the room clearly the white house believes it is on the cusp of an enormous legislative victory. once set in motion he told us a decision by an insurance company that most americans had not heard of at least in all of the specifics. blue cross and a decision by california to raise insurance rates but not for everyone but those who are self employed. that gave the white house a rhetorical hook they believe may have been missing for some time and placed the issue of healthcare and health insurance reform tangibly in the minds of people who already had the insurance might be concerned about their own rates going forward. secondarily it is the belief of nancy pelosi it was her steal
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after the defeat it was a sma smaller approach fog full bore. she in private meetings was not recommended an incremental list approach. nancy pelosi referred to that as kiddie care and persuaded the president to not drop back but keep pushing forward as aggressively as he has been. the anthem blue cross white house believes was instrumental in achieving the victory they are on the verge of right now. the white house doesn't entirely buy into the narrative that it was she who led the white house to come around to her way of thinking. >> okay. let's go to karl cameron. we are over 200 votes. at 200 votes affirmative and 180. 201 to 180 this is the senate
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bill. they have to fix it in the senate. reconciliation vote comes after an effort to recommit which is essentially throw the whole thing out. there is worry by democrats the senate will get that far and do all of these fixes isn't that true? >> there's also concern they may decide to tweak it and bring it back to the house and more opportunity to obstruct and delay. it is an opportunity to stop a disaster from happening in the country. we heard one lawmaker say it was a complete repudiation to the constitution. they are stopping at nothing to say with 23 democrats still having not voted they could essentially take only 11, 12, 13 of them and leave them to vote
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against this. one way to look at this is the democratic majority simply has to maintain all of the 37 members. they can't lose 38. that's the bottom line. doesn't look like that's possible at this point. they have pretty much cleared the hurdle. >> you raised an interesting point. there are some who may if the speaker believes she has the number be told you can vote no. it will make it easier in your district. >> the speaker and the leader would effectively let them off the hook. if you want to be on the team and have our support for reelection and nice curby office on capitol hill you will vote with the leadership f. you break with it all kinds of terrible things like lack of support for reelection maybe not such great offices and maybe no subcommittee chairmanship will happen to you. you can get unelected. if they crest that threshold of
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216 votes the balance of the democrats have the option to vote their district. if they come from a a part of the country that the american public is opposed to this it might be in the best interest to vote against the bill break with their own party and get re-elected or at least try to. what the argument has been you may try to get against this thing. you will pay for it at the polls no matter how you vote. democrats as a collective will be blamed for this by republicans and by a big segment of the public. we will stop at 214 and listen into that. there are some things people will feel immediately. you can put your insurance on your health insurance plan to 26 years old the preexisting
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condition being wiped out no caps on your insurance. those are things you can feel immediately. ed su the you b substance doesnn until 2013. >> those who say it's going to lead to a landslide in the elections at the ends of the year are over stating the case. some of the immediate effects are good ones. they will be added a lot of them will be kicked in next year april the 159. i am not sure all of it will be negative. when you hear the republicans predicting the other side is going to lose the house they are raising expectations, they are also making an argument that sounds as if it is a part san argument not a principle argument not a good way to go. >> we are going to listen into the house floor right now.
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they are at 2146789 let's listen in here. (applause) >> they are at 214 right now. (applause) >> a minute left. obviously people can change their votes. looks like they have reached the 216 number. the healthcare bill has now passed. 33 democrats voting no so far with a little bit of time remaining. they have reached a number they needed to get to and this is an amazing turn around for democrats who didn't think they could get this right after that scott brown loss. >> it is. i would like to add to my
1:46 am
comments before. i think this is the last huge reform any of us will see passed in this congress or future congress. the last thing they will pivot is a battle that will be difficult for a very divided democratic party. this is their last agenda item they have to push for this year. after healthcare liberals will be upset they didn't get another public option. after cap and trade and healthcare they are wiped out. it is definitely something they had to do. we are seeing immigration reform and climate change bill out of the senate and all of the other things they have talked about. >> the chance were yes they can. doesn't look like they are going
1:47 am
to pad that as much as they thought they were going to pad it. the vote is with a few seconds remaining as they are counting down the clock. >> it is interesting. tsz disease i you are talking two votes flipping the outcome. i think it's interesting given what we have seen and what we have heard from the stupak group all along. nancy sellsy was at the point where she was doling out favors and telling people who could and couldn't vote because they had the votes. she already had the votes this was a done deal trying as they were to build this sense of momentum and sense of inevitability it turns out not to have been the case.
1:48 am
>> as we wait for the final tally here they will announce the call. the other part of this is the deficit the big numbers here how it's going to be paid for. what we were talking about weeks on end they are all in the senate bill. so are the special deals that have to be taken out with the reconciliation vote. all of the kickbacks gator aid all of the rest will be law of the land. >> all of that stuff is in the bill as we saw. it's now the law of the land. this is a moment i think america changes i don't think it will ever end up being repealed. no way it could happen before 213. i don't think it will happen any time at all. in terms of debt it will be huge. >> 212. the motion to concur in the senate amendment is adopted
1:49 am
without objection motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> 219-212. the original bill was 220 to 215. >> mr. speaker the house will be in order. >> gentlemen from maryland, mr. speaker pursuant to house resolution 1203 i call off hr 38-72. i asked for it's immediate consideration. 4.72. >> snchloo (indiscernible)
1:50 am
>> embarrassed democrats who signed on to this deal with the white house. it would get people back and he brought along with them. vote against it the language as a pro-life democrat. it is already indicated he is likely to vote against his own language which would be an interesting moment if he votes against the language he himself sought to have first with the house bill and then later through the executive order. >> we will have some time here for debate. then reconciliation bill. but right now we are going to turn it back to geraldo up in new york. geraldo an historic vote.
1:51 am
>> it certainly is a fox news alert. like a phoenix riseing from the ashes of healthcare bill the omnibus healthcare bill by obama has passed. 219 to 212. it was a nail biter for a while. the vote came in pretty slowly. the count mounted until they passed that magic number of 216. made it all of the way to 219. it is unbelievable profound reversal of fortune. i am joined by ed rendell and tom delay the former house majority leader. tom first of all welcome majority leader. are you in mourning right now, tom? >> no, i am sickened. i am sick to my stomach. >> you believe as john banor's emotional presentation suggests this is a seminole event it is a
1:52 am
departure from previous debates that is somehow very, very different. >> the speech by speaker pelosi is why congress is held in the worst disregard in the history of the house of representatives. not only did they not listen to the american people they shredded and crashed the constitution and stood there on the floor of the house and lied to the american people. i have never witnessed anything like this. i guess it may have happened when they created medicare or social security. this is unbelievable. >> you didn't see the phoenix rising out of the ashes you saw the constitution burned by the democrats in the house of representatives tonight. oo governor rendell tom delay's passion is reflective of everything we saw from the rei pub can side of the aisle. you however have a broad smile on your face and this a historic
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victory for your side. >> it is a great night for the american people. it is interesting that tom tried to anal guys social secu -- ana. they are government takeover. two of the best things in the social fabric of this country. >> what would you call that? social security is broke. medicare is broke, medicaid is broke. it's a government run program now we are going to break our healthcare system. >> i accident interrupt you. >> when you name me i am going to come right back at you. >> i assume geraldo will give awe spot. >> we will be on the air a long time well beyond our 11:00 usual time. we will go until every vote is taken until we hear from the president of the united states.
1:54 am
congressman delay you have a situation here where you said the constitution was shredded. by what specific alleged action was the constitution shredded? i have it right here. i carry it with me every day geraldo. i will show you where in this constitution the congress or federal government has the authority to even deal with healthcare. >> it is in the commerce flows in this tons contusion. >> your anal -- analogies by a argument it is giving the federal government the right to regulate them. >> no, sir. no, sir. right now healthcare cannot be sold across state lands. that's the only thing they could have allowed in the healthcare reform bill by the constitution. they are going to regulate a
1:55 am
private business. they are going to force the american people to find a service whether you like it or not and pen wise and fi fine yof you don't do it. >> for the first time in the history of this country forced companies and individuals to buy a service. that is outrage in this constitution. >> businesses now to have workman's compensation they force businesses now to de gu - deduct for the irs. they are involved in every aspect of our lives. governor rendell you have some very positive aspects in this bill from the consumer's point of view in the short term. although i believe that congressman delay is probably right come november in the short term at least kids can stay on their pair represent's policy
1:56 am
can't be denied for reexisting conditions et cetera. i think the president will get a big bounce from that. >> one thing i want to say is medicare the supreme court denied that argument. they have the right stated it comes to all americans. we shouldn't do this because the american people were against it. i remember just a few short years ago the american people were strongly against the surge of troops in afghanistan. any republican in congress voted to insure that that surge took place. that surge worked. there are times when you as an elected official you have to look at something that may be temporarily unpopular which social security and medicare were at the beginning. now you have to take them away from seniors who were there and
1:57 am
you have to do what's right for the american people. public opinion polls show it's there it's a hypocritical argument as most of the arguments here. you should use reconciliation or bush tax cuts. you know geraldo reconciliation. there is a situation here where there is great animosity, great anger. can this institution you once led asthma joerity leader or you think the bad vibe also make it impossible for any kind of by partisan action on anybody going forward? oo the abuse of the rules of the house the abuse of the institution of the house now they are going to go over in the senate and try to abuse it the rules of the senate. reconciliation remind the governor never served in the
1:58 am
house or senate. reconciliation has always been used for cutting taxes and budgetary items. that's all they could use it for. >> are you saying this will continue, this dysfunctional body will continue to be dysfunctional? >> oh, absolutely. when you change the rules in the middle of the game no matter what kind of game you are playing, it creates chaos. that's exactly what is happening here. the wedge that is being driven with a sledgehammer through these two institutions is overwhelming. not only that, it's within their own party and their own caucus. i was on the hill for the last five days. i talked with many, many democrats. they are so fed up and angry at their leadership. in fact i heard, i don't know if it's going to happen but they are going to recess pretty soon
1:59 am
either tomorrow or the next day to get the members out of town because the members have had it with this leadership making them walk over a cliff for something that many of the members that our own members don't want. >> i think democrats are walking over a cliff regardless. i think they can point to this they are walking off the cliff. they are not walking up the cliff they are being infective first to be neutered do nothings at least now they have stood for something. lipped s lindsey graham if you watch this employee gram will be the most related in politics he kind of echos what congressman delay aid they won in the house of representatives but the american people lost higher taxes more government control of healthcare and enron style accounting define this bill the up coming election will be a referendum on the substance and process used to pass this it will be a c


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